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Review System | #Wine
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Wine is a story. A good story has a beginning, middle and an end. That is why I have decided to modify the existing 100-point system by creating a breakdown. It makes sense to me to allot 40 points to the aromatic (with a visual component) aspect of the wine, as, frankly, to me it’s half the battle. I get three quarters of my enjoyment from ‘nosing’ the wine. I am not judging the book by its “smell,” merely stating what’s became obvious over the years.


With this system, readers will have a clear idea of where my head was at when I give the wine its final score. It seems like a more transparent and complete breakdown of what the wine delivered.


  • Introduction: Appearance – Aromatics (A) – 40 points
  • Middle: Mid-palate – Mouthfeel (M) – 30 points
  • Finale: Finish (F) – 30 points


Total maximum score: 100 points


For example, if the wine receives 36 points for A, 29 for M and 30 for F its total IMF score is 95 points out of 100.


Dining isn’t just about food, it’s about an experience. A great experience consists of several facets. I have decided to use a 100-point system. I allotted the lion’s share of 45 points to the gastronomic experience and 25 to beverage, the rest of the score is split between two other important factors, service and ambiance. Great food and wine is three quarters of the battle. Having said that, value is also a factor of great importance, which is why some restaurants will be noted for that.


Here is the score composition:


  • Ambiance15 points 
  • Food45 points 
  • Drink25 points 
  • Service15 points


Total maximum score: 100 points